Prioritization of Environmental Contribution by Region through MCDM

MCDM에 의한 환경오염 기여도 순위평가 및 적용

  • Published : 2004.06.30


While the role of local community is getting important in reducing greenhouse gases, current financial supports have not considered these efforts. Instead, development activities have been the only basis of fiscal distribution, which have led to unsustainable development. In this context, this paper analyzes the emission and absorb of air pollutants by local districts in Daegu Metropolitan city and constructs an empirical energy database for local energy use and environmental emissions. Based on the data, it prioritized environmental contribution by region through using MCDM methods, that include maximin & maximax method, simple additive weighting (SAW) and hierarchical additive weighting method (HAW). This concludes the possibility of policy methodology through which we can input environmental variables in distributing local budget.


Supported by : 산업자원부