Exact Solutions of Fuzzy Goal Programming Problems using $\alpha-cut$ Representations

  • Hong, Dug-Hun (Department of Mathematics, Myongji University) ;
  • Hwang, Chang-Ha (Department of Statistical Information, Catholic University of Daegu)
  • Published : 2004.05.31


Ramik[7] introduced a fuzzy goal programming (FGP)problem that generalizes a standard goal programming (GP) problem with fuzzy alternatives, fuzzy objective functions and fuzzy deviation functions for measuring the deviation between attained and desired goals being fuzzy. However, it is known that this FGP tends to produce an approximate solution since it uses an approximate fuzzy multiplication operation to solve the resultant fuzzy model. In this paper, we show that this FGP sometimes leads to the wrong decision. We also propose a procedure that gets the exact solution to overcome these problems. The method is based on $T_M$ (min norm)-based fuzzy operations using $\alpha-cut$ representations. We consider the same example as used in Ramik and investigate how our procedures are compared to Ramik's.