Case Study of Digital Restoration of Korean Traditional Monsters

한국 전통 몬스터 디지털 복원 사례 연구

  • Published : 2004.12.01


This study is aimed that reappearance and restoration of Korean tradition monster's original shape be able to contribute in scenario material development which is filled with history, culture and long imagination of our country. As for method of this study, it is on the basis of literature investigation in history, tale, folk-tale etc. and expert's research, and also restored 50 items of Korean tradition monster in digital way. Study finding is as following. First, prescribed scope of Korean tradition monster including god, ghost, bogy and animal. Second, Korean tradition monster's pattern is classified with S degrees and 4 classes to according to grade of rank and appearance place. Third, each of 50 traditional monsters which are usable to scenario substance development was produced with graphic image and flash animation. Fourth, suggested idea for material development of cultural contents industry as like game and character based on each monster's story. Expect the developed result production from this study to be used as a resource of elevating in comprehension forward to our cultural tradition, to be used as a unique material in field of culture contents industry of game, character, cartoon and movie etc.