Lips Detection by Probability Map Based Genetic Algorithm

확률맵 기반 유전자 알고리즘에 의한 입술영역 검출

  • 황동국 (백석대학 컴퓨터정보과) ;
  • 김태익 (감사원 국가전략사업단) ;
  • 박천주 (한국과학기술교육대학교 정보기술공학부) ;
  • 전병민 (충북대학교 전기전자 및 컴퓨터공학부) ;
  • 박희정 (안동과학대학 컴퓨터정보과)
  • Published : 2004.12.01


In this paper, we propose a probability map based genetic algorithm to detect lips from portrait image. The existing genetic algorithm used to get an optimal solution is modified in order to get multiple optimal solutions for lips detection. Each individual consists of two chromosomes to represent coordinates x, y in space. Also the algorithm introduce a preserving zone in the population, a modified uniform crossover, a selection without individual duplication. Using probability map of H, 5 components, the proposed algorithm has adaptability in the segmentation of objects with similar colors. In experiments, we analyzed relationships of primary parameters and found that the algorithm can apply to the detection of other ROIs easily


Genetic Algorithm;Probability Map;Lips Detection;Region of Interest