Implementation of an Extended Service Data Aggregator Service Component-based on OGSA

서비스 데이터 수집기를 확장한 OGSA 기반 서비스 컴포넌트 구현

  • 조광문 (천안대학교 정보통신학부) ;
  • 강경우 (천안대학교 정보통신학부) ;
  • 강윤희 (천안대학교 정보통신학부)
  • Published : 2004.12.01


This paper describes main characteristics of Grid Services based on OGSA and a service component for aggregating service data element. In order to build a Grid Service for SOA, it needs to consider a systematic approach from the high-level software architecture of a system that describes the main system components and their interactions. The purpose of this paper is to design and implement an extended service data aggregator service. To provide reliable aggregating service for service data elements, which is running under wide area environment like Internet, the aggregator service is operated asynchronously by notification mechanism.


Grid Computing;Service Data Aggregator;OGSA;Service Component