Cooperative User Equilibrium Under Advanced Traveler Information Systems

첨단교통정보체계(ATIS)하에서 협력적 사용자 균형

  • 임용택 (여수대학교 교통물류시스템공학부)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


Cooperation among network users would be possible in a near future, as real time communication between them can be available by telematics. This implies that non-cooperative assumption like Wardrop's principle, which has been widely used so far in network modelling may not be appropriate for route choice problem. So a new principle requires for describing such cooperative case. This paper presents a criterion, which represents cooperative route choice behaviour among network users. With some examples, we compare the non-cooperative principle and the cooperative one presented in this paper. Numerical results from the examples show that the new principle would be better than the existing one.