Bit Error Rate measurement of an RSFQ switch by using an automatic error counter

자동 Error counter를 이용한 RSFQ switch 소자의 Bit Error Rate 측정

  • Published : 2005.03.01


The problem of fluctuation-induced digital errors in a rapid single flux quantum (RSFQ) circuit has been very important issue. So in this experiment, we calculated error rate of RSFQ switch in superconductiyity ALU, The RSFQ switch should have a very low error rate in the optimal bias. We prepared two circuits Placed in parallel. One was a 10 Josephson transmission lines (JTLs) connected in series, and the other was the same circuit but with an RSFQ switch placed in the middle of the 10 JTLs. We used a splitter to feed the same input signal to the both circuits. The outputs of the two circuits were compared with an RSFQ XOR to measure the error rate of the RSFQ switch. By using a computerized bit error rate test setup, we measured the bit error rate of 2.18$\times$$10^{12}$ when the bias to the RSFQ switch was 0.398mh that was quite off from the optimum bias of 0.6mA.