A Study on the Collision Accident between Ferry Golden Jindo and Ferry Princess



Kim Jin Kwon

  • 발행 : 2005.03.01


Ferry Golden Jindo collided with Ferry Princess near the No.7 light buoy of Incheon Port No.1 Passage in restricted visibility due to dense fog. The result was that Ferry Golden Jindo got a hole at the starboard midship section shell plating and Ferry Princess sustained damages at the starboard bow and 25 persons injured The aim of this paper is to investigate this collision accident, to clarify its causes, and to prevent such accident from occurring again In short, this collision resulted from Princess' high speed in restricted visibility, Golden Jindo's carelessness of watchkeeping, lack of proper safety training of crew, lack of instruction of supervisor, carelessness af PTMS Center and indifference of Korea Shipping Association, etc.



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