Research about Lighting Fixtures Development to the 300W Class PLS

300W급 광원을 이용한 조명기기디자인개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.06.01


By international lighting market's growth and domestic landscape lighting market's growth, the latest lighting market is activated. But, They are doing price competition that domestic lighting technology and development technology of lighting fixtures design do not possess international competitiveness than these change. Specially, as image of area and the country can be influenced greatly by cityscape at present visual point that many interests are converged country and identity establishment of local government, many cities are using force hereupon. Constructs which cityscape is various including natural ecology area of life environment gather and are done Image creation and this people's consciousness and culture living soon inside thing which do speaking by proxy be. Than city's night view nature lighting more than by spectacle lighting along with life lighting to basis materialize can. It is meaning more than thing that fine view of city becomes beautiful simply that night view of city becomes superior, that means that city efficiency and quality of life are exalted by a word. Wish to establish effective lighting technology and new product design process through PLS lighting technical development and 300 W lighting fixtures design development hereupon, and raise domestic spectacle lighting market's localization and domestic lighting market's competitive power furthermore.


Lighting Fixtures Design;Landscape Lighting;Floodlight