An Algorithm for Preventing Data Loss in Hand-off between Packet Networks of 3GPPx

3GPPx 패킷망간 핸드오프 시 데이터 유실 방지 알고리즘

  • Published : 2005.06.01


In this paper, a fast handoff algorithm between PDSNs in 3GPPx network for a mobile node, is proposed. It introduces a method by which handoff can be performed without reestablishing PPP connection that may occur in the process of performing handoff between PDSNs. When the PDSN recognizes the mobile node moving into its coverage area, it can quickly establish a communication channel with the mobile node based on the already received subscriber information. As a result, handoff is performed without reestablishing PPP. Accordingly, handoff between PDSNs can be performed faster, removing time needed for establishing a PPP session with a terminal and for terminating a previously set up PPP session.


PDSN(Packet Data Serving Network);MIP(Mobile IP)