Calculating the Carrying Capacity and Management Planning of the Gwangneung Area

관광지의 적정 수용력 산정과 관리 방안 연구 - 광릉지역을 사례로 -

  • Kim Sunhee (Institute of Korean Culture, Korea University)
  • 김선희 (고려대학교 민족문화연구원)
  • Published : 2005.06.01


This study aims to calculate reasonable carving capacity of the Gwangneung area and to review its tourism policies from the perspective of the tourist's demands. According to the analysis results, The socio-psychological carrying capacity by targeted intervals of time is generally underestimated and less than desired. Parking lots followed by stores and then roads are the biggest issues weighing down the area's carving capacity Also, another finding shows that the physical carrying capacity, analyzed based on area use, is estimated for 600 tourists and 130 cars. This study recommends following that Gwangneung establish various tour programs linking its cultural and historical sites to forest and ecological resources. Further to this, Gwangneung might be better off exerting efforts to developing environmental education programs and training more cultural and ecological guides. The findings necessitate that should be made off limits to cars, and instead servicing the area with shuttle buses. Management offices can also be classrooms used for cultural, historical and ecological education and exhibitions. Other findings suggest an expansion of convenience facilities such as more potable water stations, benches, resting areas and a continued monitoring of tourism activities in the area.


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