A Study on the Peirce's Semiotics and Understanding of Symbol Marks

퍼어스 기호론과 심볼마크의 이해

  • 황현택 (계명대학교 시각디자인학과)
  • Published : 2005.02.28


As for the public, it is hard to understand semiotics because of the scope of an enormous semiotics education. This study is making semiotics of Charles Sanders Peirce the subject. I thought that utilization can hold his semiotics study in a visual design field. First of all, this study considered design related papers related to the existing semiotics again and study found an error of the existing semiotics study and understanding did category concept with re-definition about semiotics of Peirce. Explained a symbol mark through understanding of semiotics of Peirce. This study was able to get the following conclusion through these results. 1) A symbol mark means one product, sonics, company oneself with a custom. Therefore, it is a rule symbol in the Representation side. 2) A symbol mark symbolizes an object with one symbol, so a symbol mark is a symbol in an object. 3) Because a symbol mark exists through a social rule, in semiotics definition of Peirce, this must become understanding with a Argument symbol. 4) A symbol mark is what a company or an organization field used from the past, and the public are recognizing this how. Therefore, it works as fact a company attaches a symbol mark to own product, and to show the public a symbol mark. A symbol mark is Dicent Sign in Interpretant. A rule and understanding about a lot of types which have various mutual relation, Peirce classification and understanding of a symbol mark tells to demand is holding that understanding a type of semiotics with the concept that is not an image to us.