The therapeutic effects of Bangkeehwangkee-tang and Bangkeebokryeong-tang on the hyperlipidemia in rats

방기황기탕(防己黃?湯) 및 방기복령양(防己茯?陽)이 고지혈증(高脂血症) 흰쥐에 미치는 효과(效果)

  • Ghee, Seong-Sik (Dept. of Herbology, College of Oriental Medicine, Kyungwon University) ;
  • Lee, Young-Jong (Dept. of Herbology, College of Oriental Medicine, Kyungwon University)
  • 기성식 (경원대학교 한의과대학 본초학교실) ;
  • 이영종 (경원대학교 한의과대학 본초학교실)
  • Published : 2005.06.30


Objectives : Each 2 types of Bangkeehwangkeetang(BHT) and Bangkeebok-ryeongtang(BBT) was prescribed to examined the therapeutic effects on hyperlipidemia. BHT-1 and BBT-1 were composed of Bunbangkee(粉防己, Stephaniae Radix) for Bangkee with other drugs, but BHT-2 and BBT-2 were composed of Cheongpungdeung(淸風藤, Sinomenii acuti Lignum). Methods : Four decoctions prepared from the prescriptions were respectively administrated to animal models in rats such as hyperlipidemic model induced by high cholesterol diet. Results : On the hyperlipidemic model, BHT-2 and BBT-2 would decrease the levels of total cholesterol(Tc) and triglyceride(TG) in blood, on the other hand, BHT-1 and BBT-1, despite little change of Tc, decrease TG but also HDL-cholesterol(HDLc). Conclusion : BBT, especially composed of Cheongpungdeung(Sinomenii acuti Lignum) for Bangkee, could be used more effectively than the others(Stephaniae Radix) on hyperlipidemia.