Application of the Pesticide Multiresidue Analysis Method for Potatoes and Carrots

감자 및 당근의 개선된 농약 동시다성분 분석법 적용 연구

  • Published : 2005.04.30


Multiresidue method was set up for the simultaneous determination of various residual pesticides in potatoes and carrots, which was analyzed by gas chromatography-electron capture detector/nitrogen phosphorus detector. Method consisted with acetone/acetonitrile (9 : 1) extraction and dichloromethane partition, followed by florisil cartridge purification with hexane/dichloromethane/acetonitrile (50 : 45 ; 5) elution. Among 197 pesticides (194 kinds) spiked to food materials, 143 and 155 pesticides were recovered over 70% on potatoes and carrots, respectively. Nineteen pesticides including bromacil, cyproconazole, were not detected in water and sample matrices. Matrix components may affect the low detections of 25 pesticides such as benfuracarb, bitertanol from potatoes and 16 pesticides such as bitertanol, carbosulfan from Carrots. Some pesticides including dichlobenil, fluoroimide and iprodione were highly detected from one or both matrices even though they were not detected from water.


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