Effects of Age on Chemical Composition in Sun-Dried Salts

연령에 따른 천일염의 성분함량

  • Shin, Tai-Sun (Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Yosu National University) ;
  • Park, Choon-Kyu (Department of Food Science and Technology, Yosu National University) ;
  • Lee, Sung-Hun (Department of Aquaculture, Yosu National University) ;
  • Han, Kyeong-Ho (Department of Aquaculture, Yosu National University)
  • 신태선 (여수대학교 식품영양학전공) ;
  • 박춘규 (여수대학교 식품공학전공) ;
  • 이성훈 (여수대학교 양식생물학전공) ;
  • 한경호 (여수대학교 양식생물학전공)
  • Published : 2005.04.30


Chemical composition, and mineral and heavy metal contents of Yeomsan and Baekso sun-dried salts (1-5-year-old) were determined. Moisture contents (Yeomsan, 6.07-17.02%; Baekso, 4.29-16.15%) and pH (Yeomsan, 5.92-6.31; Baekso, 5.52-6.23) decreased as age of salts increased, while NaCl contents (Yeomsan, 80.35-92.74%; Baekso, 81.06-94.58%) increased with increasing storage period of salts. Older salts had lower content of water-insoluble matters. Nitrate content was not affected by aging of salts, whereas nitrite content was lower in older salts. Sulfate content of sun-dried salt decreased with aging of salt. Average concentrations (ppm wet weight) of major minerals in Yeomsan and Baekso sun-dried salts were: Mg, Mg, 1002-119; K, 1062-3411; Ca, 1503-3437; Li, 25-101; Ge, 8.35-0.21; Si, 43.99-6.48; and Mn, 6.79-1.55. Mineral content generally decreased with salt aging. Among heavy metals, Hg was not detected in all salts, and Cd (0.02-0.04ppm) was not affected by storage period. Pb was not detected in 5-year-old salts. Older salts showed brighter color than younger ones.


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