Rheological Properties of Dough and Quality Characteristics of Bread Added with Silkworm Powder

누에가루 첨가 반죽의 물성 변화 및 빵의 품질 특성

  • Kim, Young-Ho (Department of Hotel Baking Technology, Hyejeon College) ;
  • Cho, Nam-Ji (Department of Hotel Baking Technology, Hyejeon College) ;
  • Im, Moo-Hyeog (Korea Food and Drug Administration)
  • Published : 2005.06.30


Effects of silkworm powder addition on rheological properties of dough and quality characteristics of bread were investigated. Protein content of silkworm powder was 53,98%, much higher than 12.46% of wheat powder, Crude fiber, fat, and pretense contents of silkworm powder were higher than those of wheat flour, Acid analysis revealed glutamic acid content was highest 4,046.16 mg thus, significant depreciation of breadmaking was expected due to weakened gluten structure or dough. Addition of silkworm powder(optimum at 2%) with pretense inactivated by heat treatment resulted in significant improvement of volume and bread quality, with external and internal scores close to those of the control.


silkworm powder;dough;bread;amylograph;extensograph


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