The Effects of Dietary Supplements Included Green Tea, Buckwheat and Grape Leaf Extract on Lipid Metabolism and on Regression of Fatty Streak Lesions in F1B Golden Syrian Hamsters Fed the Atherogenic Diet

녹차, 메밀 및 포도잎 추출물 첨가식이가 동맥경화유발식이를 급여한 F1B Golden Syrian 햄스터의 지질대사와 대동맥의 지방 축적에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2005.12.31


Effects of 5 and 10% dietary supplement tablets containing green tea, buckwheat, and grape leaf extracts on atherosclerosis, and plasma and hepatic lipid compositions in hamsters fed antherogenic diet [modified AIN-76A containing 10% coconut oil (w/w), 0.05% cholesterol] were examined. Compared to atherogenic diet only groups, addition of supplement to atherogenic diet-fed group significantly down-regulated triglyceride and total cholesterol levels in plasma and liver. F1B hamsters fed atherogenic diet had greater foam cell accumulation compared to control and those fed atherogenic diet with addition of supplement. Lipid metabolisms of plasma and liver increased with addition of supplement dose-dependently, whereas aortic lipid accumulation decreased. These results indicate tablets supplemented with green tea, buckwheat, and grape leaf extracts have potential to prevent cardiovascular diseases in golden Syrian hamsters.


green tea;buckwheat;grape leaf;foam cell accumulation;atherosclerosis


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