Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity on Water Soluble Vitamin Contents in Commercial Vitamin Tablet

저장 온도 및 상대습도가 비타민 정제 중 수용성 비타민 함량의 변화에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2005.12.31


Effects of temperature and relative humidity on contents of water-soluble vitamins (vitamins $B_1,\;B_2,\;B_3,\;B_6$, and C) of two commercial tablets ("Multivitamin Dandelion" and "Chewable vitamin C") were investigated. When stored at various temperatures (25, 35, and $45^{\circ}C$) with cap, all measured vitamins were stable and degraded very slowly during 24 weeks of storage; low relative humidity (11% RH) without cap also provided stability during storage period. At higher relative humidities (75 and 100% RH), contents of all water-soluble vitamins, except vitamins $B_2\;and\;B_3$, decreased significantly at early storage period. These results showed that stability of water-soluble vitamins is highly dependent on relative humidity rather than storage temperature.


water-soluble vitamin;vitamin tablet;stability;temperature;humidity


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