GML Based Tourism Information System for Location Based Service

  • Chung Yeong-Jee (College of Electrical, Electronic and information Engineering, Wonkwang University) ;
  • Jeong Chang-Won (Research Center for Advanced LBS Technology of Chonbuk National University)
  • Published : 2005.06.01


At present, GML becomes the global standard for the XML encoding of geographic information and is the foundation for the Geo-Web. GML is being applied to a wide range of geographic applications including GIS and location-based services, telematics and intelligent transportation systems. In this paper, we propose the tourism information system for supporting the location based service application. We made an effort to design and implement a GIS computing environment by thin client for mobile web mapping service. We are interested in the GML applications that include traditional GIS system for navigation service and location finder for points of interest (POI) services. This paper summarizes the Tourism information system for location based service of a small area (Han-Ok Village with the Korean traditional houses in Jeonju-city), in which moving travelers can obtain proper information services at the current location associated with traditional monuments, cultural products, food, and conveniences. In the paper, we report on the design of the thin client/server system for a mobile environment. This paper is divided into three parts. First, we give a general overview of the organization of the system and of the important concerns of our design. Second we focus on our system supports for location and POI determination, and design concerns. Finally, we show the graphic user interface of PDA, the procedures involved in the service, and the executed results.



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