A Study on the Wear Characteristics of Wheel Profile for High Speed Rolling-stock

고속철도 차륜답면의 마모 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.10.01


Through a year's commercial operation, Korea High Speed Railway has solved defectives from several breakages at the beginning and is going into the stage of stable operation. Among issues, wheel wear becomes a matter of primary concerns in view of vehicle's stability and maintenance. It was understood as above that wear status has been improved in the test by which railway system including vehicles and tracks was stabilized during a year's commercial operation, comparing to that with excessive wear in the trial operation prior to opening to the public. To make out wheel's wear status and characteristics of equivalent conicity at present when the service has been introduced a year ago and the average cumulative mileage of vehicles reach almost 500,000km, wheel's wear types were analyzed with the current vehicles in service.


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