Evaluation of Penetration Rate and Cutter Life of TBM in Jook-Ryung Tunnel

죽령터널에서의 TBM 굴착속도 및 커터수명 평가연구

  • Published : 2005.10.01


Jook-Ryung roadway tunnel was constructed by drill-blast after pilot tunnelling by 2 TBMS. nis report analyzes the data for TBM performance in the total length of 7.3 km for the two pilot tunnels. Net penetration rates were recorded as high as 2.3 m/h and 2.0 m/h for the two different directions while degrees of operation were $31.4\%$ and $33.3\%$, respectively. The cutter lives for No.2 tunnel were evaluated $200\~280\;m^3/c$ and around 400 m/set as high as for Meraker 10 km tunnel in Norway. The relationship between net penetration rate and characteristics of rock mass which were obtained by RMR and TSP measurement, coincides with the prior studies. This kind of evaluation is expected to be used to design TBM tunnelling and to help to perform the TBM operation effectively


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