Study on the Tooth Recovery Material Using with Hydroxyapatite

수산화아파타이트(HAp)를 이용한 치아 수복제에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.10.01


Hydroxyapatite powder was injected into the tooth after decayed tooth clinic. The microstructure of tooth was observed after a tooth extraction in the body. The hydroxyapatite powder was stiffened and the junction of hydroxyapatite powder and tooth was observed. The Ca/P atomic ratio of hydroxyapatite-tooth boundary was higher than hydroxyapatite matrix. And microhardness of hydroxyapatite matrix was 92.4 Hv. The junction of hydroxyapatite powder and tooth was due to the $Ca^{2+}$ ion shift of hydroxyapatite or the firm waxy body was due to setting of hydroxyapatite powder.


Hydroxyapatite;Tooth;Extraction junction;Microstructure;Setting


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