A Study on the Wedge Angle of the Rail Clamp according to the Design Wind Speed Criteria Change



Lee Jung-Myung;Han Dong-Seop;Han Geun-Jo;Jeon Young-Hwan

  • 발행 : 2005.09.01


In cargo-working, it unavoidably happens that the quay crane slip along the rail and the container move from side to side. Especially, they involve a lot of risk in bad weather. The rail clamp is a mooring device to prevent that the quay crane slips along the rail due to bad weather or the wind blast while the quay crane do the cargo-working And it will play a greater role in port container terminal integration and automation To design the wedge type rail clamp, it is very important to determine the wedge angle. In this study, we expect that the design wind speed of the quay crane will change over 16m/s. Assuming that the design wind speed is 40m/s, we determined the proper wedge angle of the wedge type rail clamp for the 50ton class quay crane.


Cargo Handling System;Container Terminal;Design Wind Speed;Quay Crane;Rail Clamp;Wedge Angle


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피인용 문헌

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