Analysis of Ultrasonic Scattering Fields by 2-D Boundary Element Method and Its Application

2차원 경계요소법에 의한 초음파 산란음장의 해석과 응용

  • 정현조 (원광대학교 기계자동공학부)
  • Published : 2005.11.01


A two-dimensional boundary element method was used for the scattering analysis of side-drilled hole(SDH). The far-field scattering amplitude was calculated for shear vertical(SV) wave, and their frequency and time-domain results were presented. The time-domain scattering amplitude showed the directly reflected wave from the SDH leading edge as well as the creeping wave. In an immersion, pulse-echo testing, two measurement models were introduced to predict the response from SDHs. The 2-D boundary element scattering amplitude was converted to the 3-D amplitude to be used in the measurement model. The receiver voltage was calculated fer SV wave incidence at 45$^{\circ}C$ on the 1 m diameter SDH, and the result was compared with experiment.



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