Fatigue Strength Assessment of the Cruciform Fillet Welded Joint Using Hot-spot Stress Approach

Hot-spot 응력을 이용한 십자형 필렛 용접재의 피로강도 평가

  • Published : 2005.11.01


In this study, fatigue tests to obtain S-N curves and FE analyses to obtain structural stress concentration factors were conducted for the two types of cruciform fillet welded joints, that is, load-carrying and non load-carrying types. Then we changed the obtained S-N curve of load carrying joint to that based on hot spot stress. As a result, the S-N curve of load carrying joint based on hot-spot stress was almost exactly coincided with that of non load-carrying joint based on nominal stress. So we have conducted that the fatigue strength of a welded joint with different geometry from the non stress distribution along the expected crack path.


Hot-Spot Stress;Structural Stress Concentration Factor;Expected Crack Path


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