Prediction on Fatigue Life of Messenger Wire with Service Environments

사용환경에 따른 조가선의 피로수명 예측

  • Published : 2005.12.01


Fatigue life of catenary wires in various environments is reduced when stress is concentrated on some points, which are often found in corroded areas by surrounding pollutants. Therefore, the fatigue test were performed in order to investigate the effect of the surface corrosion on the destructive behavior in service environment and accelerated corrosion environment as well as th examine the corrosive property and mechanism of the catenary wires. In the fatigue test of the messenger stranded wire, the corrosion degraded materials showed 35~50% of fatigue life at a same stress amplitude compared to original material. Because the catenary wires have variable load by the interaction of periodic contacts with pantographs the maximum stresses of trolley wire and messenger wire calculated by simulation at the messenger wire during operation was estimated thought the corrosion behavior interpretation of variable stress and fatigue test.


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