Development of a Measurement System for the Surface Shape of Micro-parts by Using Atomic Force Microscope

원자간력 현미경을 이용한 초소형 마이크로 부품 표면 형상 측정 시스템 개발

  • Published : 2005.12.01


This paper proposes a measurement method for the surface shape of micro-parts by using an atomic force microscope(AFM). To this end, two techniques are presented: First, the measurement range is expanded by using an image matching method based on correlation coefficients. To account for the inaccuracy of the coarse stage implemented in AFM, the image matching technique is applied to two neighboring images intentionally overlapped with each other. Second, a method to measure the shape of relatively large specimen is proposed that utilizes the inherent trigger mechanism due to the atomic force. The proposed methods are proved effective through a series of experiments.


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