• RHEE, HYANG J. (Department of Liberal Arts, Duksung Women's University)
  • Received : 2004.11.14
  • Published : 2005.03.25


The aim of this work is to generalize $L_1$-approximation in order to apply them to a discrete approximation. In $L_1$-approximation, we use the norm given by $${\parallel}f{\parallel}_1={\int}{\mid}f{\mid}d{\mu}$$ where ${\mu}$ a non-atomic positive measure. In this paper, we go to the other extreme and consider measure ${\mu}$ which is purely atomic. In fact we shall assume that ${\mu}$ has exactly m atoms. For any ${\ell}$-tuple $b^1,\;{\cdots},\;b^{\ell}{\in}{\mathbb{R}}^m$, we defined the ${\ell}^m_1{w}$-norn, and consider $s^*{\in}S$ such that, for any $b^1,\;{\cdots},\;b^{\ell}{\in}{\mathbb{R}}^m$, $$\array{min&max\\{s{\in}S}&{1{\leq}i{\leq}{\ell}}}\;{\parallel}b^i-s{\parallel}_w$$, where S is a n-dimensional subspace of ${\mathbb{R}}^m$. The $s^*$ is called the Chebyshev center or a discrete simultaneous ${\ell}^m_1$-approximation from the finite dimensional subspace.


discrete approximation;$L_1$-approximation


Supported by : Duksung Women's University


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