• HAN, SANG-EON (Department of Computer and Applied Mathematics College of Natural Science, Honam University)
  • Received : 2004.10.07
  • Accepted : 2005.11.10
  • Published : 2005.03.25


In this paper, we give a digital graph-theoretical approach of the study of digital images with relation to a simplicial complex. Thus, a digital graph $G_k$ with some k-adjacency in ${\mathbb{Z}}^n$ can be recognized by the simplicial complex spanned by $G_k$. Moreover, we demonstrate that a graphically $(k_0,\;k_1)$-continuous map $f:G_{k_0}{\subset}{\mathbb{Z}}^{n_0}{\rightarrow}G_{k_1}{\subset}{\mathbb{Z}}^{n_1}$ can be converted into the simplicial map $S(f):S(G_{k_0}){\rightarrow}S(G_{k_1})$ with relation to combinatorial topology. Finally, if $G_{k_0}$ is not $(k_0,\;3^{n_0}-1)$-homotopy equivalent to $SC^{n_0,4}_{3^{n_0}-1}$, a graphically $(k_0,\;k_1)$-continuous map (respectively a graphically $(k_0,\;k_1)$-isomorphisim) $f:G_{k_0}{\subset}{\mathbb{Z}}^{n_0}{\rightarrow}G_{k_1}{\subset}{\mathbb{Z}^{n_1}$ induces the group homomorphism (respectively the group isomorphisim) $S(f)_*:{\pi}_1(S(G_{k_0}),\;v_0){\rightarrow}{\pi}_1(S(G_{k_1}),\;f(v_0))$ in algebraic topology.


digital graph;graph $(k_0,\;k_1)$-continuity;graph $(k_0,\;k_1)$-homotopy;simplicial complex;simplicial map;combinatorial topology


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