Thermal Aging Behaviors of Resole-Cured Rubber Composites

레졸로 가교된 고무 복합체의 열노화 거동

  • Published : 2005.12.31


Changes of crosslink densities of resole-cured NR composites by thermal aging were studied. The thermal aging was performed at $50-90^{\circ}C$. The crosslink density change increased with increase of the aging temperature and then decreased. Level of the crosslink density change decreased with increase of the resole content. Increase of the crosslink density by the thermal aging was explained with the formations of new crosslinks by combination reactions of pendent groups terminated by resoles and crosslinking reactions by pendent groups having methylol or o-methylene quinone intermediate. And decrease of the crosslink density by the thermal aging was explained with the dissociations of the existing crosslinks having dimethylene ether linkages.


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