The Characteristics and Application of Virgin FKM Rubber/Recycled FKM Rubber Blend

재생 FKM Rubber/신재 FKM Rubber 블렌드의 특성 및 응용

  • Published : 2005.06.30


Virgin fluororubber(FKM) that is one of the highly-functionalized and expensive special rubber, and recycled FKM that is crushed by high temperature shear-crushing technique from recycled FKM were blended with the various mixing ratio to rubber blends. The cure characteristics and physical properties of these blended rubber compounds were investigated with various contents of recycled FKM and physical properties fur heat and fuels were also measured. Recycled FKM which is prepared by high temperature shear-crushing technique were blended to virgin FKM with the range of $0{\sim}50$ phr. The physical properties indicated that the rubber blend of recycled FKM with 30 phr turned out to be the best compound showing good dispersibility, heat resistance and fuel resistance and inexpensive in price.


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