Preparation and Properties of EPDM/Zinc Methacrylate Hybrid Composites

에틸렌 프로필렌 디엔 고무/메타크릴산아연 하이브리드 복합체의 제조와 물성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.03.31


Zinc methacrylate(ZMA) was incorporated into ethylene-propylene diene rubber(EPDM) by direct mixing of the metal salt with the rubber or was in-situ prepared in the rubber matrix through neutralization reaction of zinc oxide(ZnO) and methacrylic acid(MAA). Tensile and tear tests showed that ZMA had a great reinforcing effect for the EPDM. It was also found that ZMA reinforced EPDM vulcanizates can retain their mechanical properties under thermo-oxidative aging. Moreover the incorporation of ZMA induces a substantial improvement in the adhesive strength of the EPDM onto aluminum substrate. The reinforcing effect and an enhancement in adhesion was greatly manifested when the ZMA is in-situ formed with an excess amount of ZnO. The extraordinary improvement in the properties is supposed to be related with the formation of ionic crosslink as well as the degree of dispersion or ZMA domain in the rubber matrix.


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