Ferrography에 의한 마멸분 정량분석

  • Published : 2000.10.01


In contacting between surface, there is wear and the generation of wear particles. The particles contained in the lubricating oil carry detailed and important information about the condition monitoring of the machine. Therefore, This paper was undertaken for Ferrography system of wear debris generated from lubricated moving machine surface. The lubricating wear test was performed under different experimental conditions using the Falex wear test of Pin and V-Block type by Ti(C,N) coated. It was shown from the test results that wear particle concentration(WPC) ; wear severity Index(IS) and size\distribution have come out all the higher value by increases sliding friction time. By the Ferrogram a thin leaf wear debris as well as ball and plate type wear particles was observed.


Wear Debris;Wear Particle Concentration;Wear Severity Index;Normal Wear Mode;Abnormal Wear Mode