Cultural characteristics of Fomitopsis pinicola in log woods

소나무잔나비버섯(Fomitopsis pinicola) 원목재배 연구

  • Chang, Hyun-You (Dept. of Mushroom Science, Korea National Agricultural College) ;
  • Oh, Seung-Hee (Division of Diet-Science, Pohang College) ;
  • Lee, Ho-Jin (Division of Diet-Science, Pohang College)
  • 장현유 (한국농업전문학교 특용작물학과) ;
  • 오승희 (포항1대학 다이어트과학계열) ;
  • 이호진 (포항1대학 다이어트과학계열)
  • Published : 2005.09.30


This study was carried out to investigate the cultural charateristics of Fomitopsis pinicola in log woods. The optimal conditions for log cultivation as follows; 1) Light effect, natural light 2) $CO_2$, 0.2% below 3) Low temperature shock, $15^{\circ}C$ for 5 days 4) log-length, 100~120cm 5) It takes 52~65 days for primodia induction is possible to harvest fruiting bodies for 5~6 months. Meanwhile, the total of 10 species pest including Trichoderma sp. occurred during the cultivation.


Cultural charateristics;Fomitopsis pinicola;Log woods