Improvement of Lift Dump on a Fighter-Type Wing at Approach Condition

  • Published : 2005.12.31


The 1/9-scale model of a fighter-type configuration was tested in the Micro-Craft 8ft ${\times}$ 12ft wind tunnel facility. An abrupt lift dump was found at a certain range of angle of attack under the pre-scheduled approach configuration. To avoid a probable unsatisfactory flight behavior due to the lift dump, various aerodynamic devices were suggested. Extensive tests applying the cutoff leading edge flaps, boundary layer fences, saw tooth and vortex generators were performed with flow visualization as well as force and moment measurements. Test results showed that the origin of the lift dump was caused by the secondary boundary layer flow separation generated from the strong interaction between wing and flap. Various solutions for avoiding the unfavorable feature were suggested with the merits and demerits.⨀ნҗ⨀顰႗⨀ࢗ⨀ࣳ⺗⨀恃ₗ⨀避ࢗ⨀↗⨀렓ភ⨀?⊗⨀⡒⢗⨀ភ⨀硥ޗ⨀⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〶〶ㄴ㈰㔴㠵㊀쀃x清ᐉ㜭⠀ጀ䍆䭏㈰〳ㄱ㤲㈶㜸㌶ㆀ쀁x清༑㤔฀‥⦗⨀ࣉﶖ⨀ᣮ㊗⨀ᢨ֗⨀뀕↗⨀碞⦗⨀遖㆗⨀偆⮗⨀ࡕڗ⨀裡⪗⨀䃳▗⨀냳▗⨀ࣳ▗⨀…⦗⨀⦗⨀쀸⎗⨀꣍Η⨀⠀ጀ䍆䭏㈰〱ㄱ㤲ㄲㄶ㤷㦀쀁x清༑㤳⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〰ㄱ㤲ㄶ㤸㤰㒀쀂x清༒̧਀桍㚗⨀袘ヨ⨀࣠⢗⨀ࠦᦗ⨀桘⚗⨀㣌ኗ⨀ꁈ⎗⨀ᠸ⎗⨀뀠⊗⨀倍㚗⨀ࣿ㞗⨀堿ʗ⨀?ኗ⨀蠎ẗ⨀碔Η⨀ኗ⨀`஗⨀⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〰ㄱ㤱㤹㤳㤴㞀쀁x清༑㬇⠀ጀ䩁䭏ㄹ㤹ㄱ㤱㤹㤳㜶㚀쀁x清༑㬜⠀ጀ䩁䭏ㄹ㤷ㄱ㤱㤹㤱㜸む쀁x清༑㬰⠀ጀ䍆䭏ㄹ㤷ㄱ㤲〰〷㜵㢀쀁x清༑㰅⠀ጀ䩁䭏ㄹ㤴ㄱ㤱㤹㠸㔸㚀쀁x清༑㰗⠀ጀ䩁䭏ㄹ㤲ㄱ㤱㤹㠶〸む쀁x清༑㰬฀졭ທ⨀゚ヨ⨀頲ࢗ⨀퀻඗⨀ẗ⨀၄ᾗ⨀䣰ẗ⨀䠒஗⨀⢍ʗ⨀ꀧʗ⨀壟⒗⨀聃গ⨀⣤֗⨀塳↗⨀梆⊗⨀栛ʗ⨀桁ޗ⨀⠀ጀ䩁䭏ㄹ㤱ㄱ㤱㤹㠵㔴㒀쀁x清༒ĉ⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〷ㄴ㔳㤱ㄳ㈷㢀쀂x清ᐉㄜ⠀ጀ䍆䭏㈰〱ㄱ㤲㈶㘶㔶㞀쀁x清༒̒⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〸〴〳㌳㔴〶㊀쀂x清༒ؑက렛᪗⨀⃢ﶖ⨀颊㢗⨀᠋ᢗ⨀뢩㖗⨀べᮗ⨀栗႗⨀䢯ᖗ⨀聋⺗⨀좠㒗⨀䁱Თ⨀ᾗ⨀炀ẗ⨀碑ޗ⨀蠂ᢗ⨀?ʗ⨀႗⨀⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〴ㄱ㤲㈳㜸㘳㢀쀂x清ᐂ㔯⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〰ㄱ㤲〳㠵㤹む쀄x渆ࠍጻ⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〳ㄱ㤲ㄸ㜹㔳㖀쀁x清༒ؗ⠀ጀ䩁䭏㈰〱㌱〳㜰㜲㐰む쀁x清


lift dump;approach configuration;boundary layer flow separation


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