Study on Satellite Vibration Control using Adaptive Control Scheme

  • Published : 2005.12.31


Adaptive control methods are studied for the Satellite to isolate vibration in spite of the nonlinear system dynamics and parameter uncertainties of disturbance. First, a centralized control scheme is developed based on the particle swarm optimization(PSO) algorithm and feedback theory to automatically tune controller gains. A simulation study of a 3 degree-of-freedom device was conducted to evaluate the performance of the proposed control scheme. Next, since a centralized control scheme is hard to construct model dynamics and not goad at performance when controller and systems environment are easily changed, a decentralized control scheme is presented to avoid these defects of the centralized control scheme from the point of view of production and maintenance. It is based on the adaptive control methodologies to find PID controller parameters. Experiment studies were conducted to apply the adaptive control scheme and evaluate the performance of the proposed control scheme with those of the conventional control schemes.


Vibration isolation;Adaptive control;Recursive least-square algorithm;Infinite-impulse response filter


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