KOMPSAT-2 AOCS Control Mode & Power Safe Mode Design

  • Published : 2005.06.30


KOMPSAT-2 is the second Korean earth observation satellite after KOMPSAT-l: the 1 meter GSD cartographic capability and planning to launch at the end of 2005 by ROKOT launch vehicle. The dedicated AOCS operational modes are designed for KOMPSAT-2 based on KOMPSAT-l experience All of AOCS operational modes requires gyro information. To compensate this drawback, Power Safe Mode is designed and implemented. Successfully AOCS on-board software is developed and extensively verified through a nonlinear simulation process. The simulation results of Power Safe Mode and Science Fine Submode are provided to demonstrate its functionality as well as its performance.育ﺖ⨀Ă䀠煥獣愠獵扨敡瀀ソソソソ꣘ﺖ⨀꣘ﺖ⨀ᄈ돀䃍ﺖ⨀塨?⨀ꢰﶖ⨀돐灕잖⨀灕잖⨀ㄶ〴㤰㐰㘴㐀


KOMPSAT-2;spacecraft;attitude & orbit control system;control mode;power safe mode;B-dot


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