Obstacle Awareness and Collision Avoidance Radar Sensor System for Smart UAV

Kwag, Young K.;Hwang, Kwang Y.;Kang, Jung W.

  • Published : 2005.12.31


In this paper, the critical requirement for obstacle awareness and avoidance is assessed with the compliance of the equivalent level of safety regulation, and then the collision avoidance sensor system is presented with the key design parameters for the requirement of the smart unmanned aerial vehicle in low-altitude flight. Based on the assessment of various sensors, small-sized radar sensor is selected for the suitable candidate due to the real-time range and range-rate acquisition capability of the stationary and moving aircraft even under all-weather environments. Through the performance analysis for the system requirement, the conceptual design result of radar sensor model is proposed with the range detection probability and collision avoidance mode is established based on the time-to-collision, which is analyzed by collision scenario.



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