Effect of Elevated Steeping Temperature on Properties of Wet-milled Rice Flour

가온 수침처리가 습식제분 쌀가루의 특성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2005.03.01


Newly harvested milled rice and stored milled rice for 2 years were steeped at the elevated temperatures of 40, 50, and 60℃ for 2hr, and physicochemical properties of the wet-milled rice flour were investigated. The lightness of rice flour was slightly higher in the newly harvested milled-rice, while yellowness was higher in the stored milled rice. For both newly harvested and stored milled rice, WAI, WSI, and gel consistency increased as steeping temperature increased. The amylograph pasting properties indicated that increasing steeping temperature increased peak viscosity. The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) results of the rice flour showed that increasing steeping temperature increased onset and peak temperatures, with reduced gelatinization enthalphy, suggesting partial annealing occured. Particle size of rice flour from newly harvested milled rice was larger than that from stored milled rice.


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