The Structural Relationships between Interactivity, Identification, Relationship Quality, and Loyalty of e-Brand in Internet Site

인터넷사이트에서 e-브랜드의 상호작용성, 일체감, 관계품질과 충성도에 관한 구조적 관계

  • Published : 2005.12.31


This study was to identify the concepts and dimensions of interactivity and to examine the effect of interactivity on identification, relationship quality, and loyalty of e-brand in Internet sites using structural equation model(SEM). For these purposes, the authors developed several hypotheses. The results are as follows. First, control is not associated with identification, but is positively associated with relationship quality. Second, two-way communication is not associated with identification and relationship quality. Third, responsiveness is associated with identification and relationship quality. Fourth, identification is associated with relationship quality. Fifth, identification is not associated with loyalty, while relationship quality is associated loyalty. This means that identification and relationship quality play the partial mediating roles in the relationship between interactivity and loyalty. At the end of this paper, managerial implications, limitations, and future research directions were suggested.