An analysis and teaching of cultural contents in the first-grade High School English textbooks

고등학교 1학년 교과서에 나타난 문화소재 분석과 지도방안

  • Received : 20050100
  • Accepted : 20050300
  • Published : 2005.03.30


In the EFL context, Korean students don't have enough opportunities to directly experience the target culture, prompting the need to offer some well-organized culture education in class. The goals of this study are to analyze how many cultural contents are reflected in High School English textbooks and to suggest an implication for cultural learning. These textbooks were carefully examined, focusing on the cultural contents, by four categories: 'cultural skill section', 'cultural patterns', 'related language skills', and 'target countries'. The results of the analysis were like the following: First, although many of the textbooks are dealing with the culture skill sections, their contents were still wanting consistency and were small in quantity. Second, as for the cultural patterns, the pages dealing with behavioral culture were 43%, spiritual culture, 35.7%, material culture, 21.3%. Third, as for the related language skills, the cultural contents in the textbooks were organized in the order of listening, reading, speaking, writing, and cultural skill sections. Since it is impossible to separate language skills from culture, we suggest that the aspects of target culture should be incorporated in various forms into the learning situations. Fourth, as for the issue of target countries, the contents about the general or whole English culture were insufficient. So we suggest that English textbooks should play an essential role in providing students with various cultural information about various English speaking countries.