A model of the learning materials for the middle school multi-purpose English classes through TBL framework

과업 중심 학습방법에 기초한 중학교 영어교과 재량활동 학습자료 모형

  • Received : 20051000
  • Accepted : 20051200
  • Published : 2005.12.30


One of the most important features in the 7th National Curriculum of English is the introduction of the middle school multi-purpose English classes. Despite the importance of the classes, there doesn't seem to be enough studies of developing learning materials for them. The purpose of the current study is, therefore, to develop English learning materials for the multi-purpose English classes based on the Task-Based Learning framework. To do so, various tasks were collected and adapted for the classes, and different teaching techniques suitable for the tasks were designed. It is hoped that this research will help teachers prepare for teaching materials for the classes, and students recognize their interests in English and to improve their English abilities.