A Development of Cyber Credit Decision Support System for Banking Facilities Using Fuzzy-expert Network

퍼지전문가회로망을 이용한 금융기관의 사이버 기업여신결정 지원시스템의 개발

  • Published : 2005.02.01


This paper is to develop the prototype of a decision making for loan granting system at banks and to evaluate the effectiveness of it. The prototype is called at FENET-LG in this paper. The decision to grant a loan is an unstructured and vagueness task because it is required a tremendous amount of data and many complex relationships among them. Evaluating these many data and relationships is a difficult task even for most experienced decision maker of bank. Therefore, where complex judgement is required, the decision maker of bank may benefit from the use of fuzzy expert network to support the evaluation of ability to pay back. Given the characteristics of decision maker of banking facilities judgement task about ability to pay back, the prototype system named FENET-LG is constructed by integration of fuzzy expert system and neural network. The FENET-LG takes advantage of both the deductive approach of fuzzy expert system and the inductive approach of a neural network to provide a decision aid designed to support and facilitate the process of conducting a judgement of ability to pay back.


Fuzzy Expert System;Neural Network;FENET-LG;Decision Making for Loan Granting