A Study on the Montage Technique in Yuri Norstein's 'Tale of Tales'

유리 놀스테인의 '이야기 속의 이야기'의 몽타주 기법 연구

  • Published : 2005.02.01


In the present, animations of auteurism and aestheticism became a unique genre of art that expresses directors' idea. 'Tale of Tales' by Yuri Norstein, a Russian animator, is a paper animation that emphasizes the cut out technique and picturesque feeling as well as complicated structure of sequence in expressing metaphysical themes in the author's historical realism. It is evaluated as unique and creative. The present study analyzed the montage technique applied through the development of several symbolic images, the diachronic expression of contradictory worlds, the unique foreshadow of revealing the causes of results later, rapid repetition of urgent and serious situations, the movement of the camera to express the psychological distance between two characters in different situations and the process of editing. The derived results of this study are expected to be helpful in the works of animators of auteurism and aestheticism.


Auteurism;Aestheticism;Montage Technique