A Study on the Architecture of an Electronic Governance System

전자거버넌스 시스템의 구조에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2005.02.01


The first wave of e-government projects dating from the early 1990s primarily focused on setting up national and global information infrastructure, internal organizational reform, digital procurement, and the digital delivery of government services to citizens. Most of these e-Government projects have concentrated on the development of systems focusing on strengthening the formal agencies and institutions of government. To date, despite many theoretical and empirical studies on citizen involvement in terms of governance, relatively little attention has been paid to developing e-government systems with a focus on improving citizen involvement, which we call e-governance systems. This paper discusses the characteristics of the e-governance systems, identifies core requirements for its development, and suggests an e-governance system architecture that can satisfy the core requirements.


Governance;e-Government;GRID;Information sharing;Peer-to-peer computing