Implementation of Authoring System for Educational Flash Contents and Reusability Analysis

교육용 플래시 콘텐츠 저작시스템의 구현 및 재사용성 분석

  • 김호성 (성신여자대학교 미디어정보학부) ;
  • 김정희 (안산공과대학 디지털미디어과)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


Flash contents for education can embody easily complex interactions with learner by splendid contents of various multimedia and animation. Moreover, they provide high class user interface and have advantages of inducing learner's interest and concentration. However, authoring flash content requires the skill to use the Flash tool, which is too difficult for professor to make the educational Flash contents. In this paper, we proposed the system that professors can make the Flash contents automatically by selecting something necessary and typing texts on the web. Also, the reusability and usability of the implemented system is analyzed in the viewpoint of professor by comparing with conventional method to reuse the Flash contents from various viewpoints.


Flash;Contents;Authoring system;Reusability;Usability