A Study on Advertising Effects of Commercial Films According to the Characteristics of internet users

인터넷사이트 이용자 특성에 따른 광고영상 비교를 통한 광고효과 연구

  • 편석환 ((주)와이커뮤니케이션즈)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


This study made a comparison of two different websites in characteristics of their users and advertising effects. Both websites have the same contents but in different forms. Especially this study examined the technographic, demographic and psychographic characteristics of users of an website which offers services only online and another website which offers services both online and offline. Also the advertising effects of both websites were studied. The analysis of the data was done by SPSSWIN, mainly $x^2$ and t-test. In addition, the data was collected online. The website, feelpost.com collected total 432 copies, and cardkorea.com collected 210 copies. Also among those collected copies, the ones from people in the 20's were selected again in order to rule out the special characters that both websites have in their users age group. Finally 308 copies were selected for the analysis. In result, it was proved that the users of both websites have a very similar lifestyle. Also there was only a little difference in the users' values and social consciousness. Regarding the advertising effect, Feelpost got the highest score in usefulness while Cardkorea got the highest score in positive acceptance of new products. Regarding the attitude toward advertisements and products, the advertising preference and brand preference was higher in Feelpost than in Cardkorea.


CMC(Computer-mediated communication);Internet Advertisement;t-test