Research about the Abstraction of Area Typicality of Emotions for Systematization of Human's Sensitivity Symbol

인간의 감성기호 체계화를 위한 감정영역범주화에 관한 연구

  • 윤봉식 (남부대학교 산업디자인학부)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


This study is a model of research for the developing 3D character contents about facial expression as a sort of non-linguistic signs, focusing on an expression of emotion factors of a person. It contributes a framework for symbolic analysis about Human's emotions along with a general review of expression. The human face is the most complex and versatile of all species. For humans, the face is a ich and versatile instrument serving many different functions. It serves as a window to display one's own motivational state. This makes one's behavior more predictable and understandable to others and improves communication. The face can be used to supplement verbal communication. A prompt facial display can reveal the speaker's attitude about the information being conveyed. Alternatively, the face can be used to complement verbal communication, such as lifting of eyebrows to lend additional emphasis to stressed word. The facial expression plays a important role under the digital visual context. This study will present a frame of facial expression categories for effective manufacture of cartoon and animation that appeal to the visual emotion of the human.


Emotional Symbol;Facial Expression