The Development Direction of the Game Production Pipeline Management System-based on the Example of Game Production - Focus on the texture

게임제작사례를 통한 제작파이프 라인 관리체계의 발전방향 - 텍스쳐 매핑 제작 파이프라인 중심으로 -

  • 김현조 (경기대학교 다중매체영상학부 애니메이션)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


The Worldwide Game Industry is getting recognized in the center of the culture contents industry, the total amount of the worldwide game industry is going to be over a hundred billion dollars in 2008 and the worldwide game industry will play a role of leading the growth of culture contents industry. To survive under the current circumstance, it is time to consider the research of the development direction and inspection of factors which Korea game industry has the superiority in the current worldwide game industry. As the result of the rapid growth of IT technology, home networking and ubiquitous environments are getting made up and the competition power of the worldwide game market is also getting hotter, The purpose of this thesis is to show the research and development direction of the organization system that has a effective texture mapping production pipeline among the whole game graphic production pipelines in order to have a international competition power and the future of Korea game industry.


Texture Mapping;Ubiquitous;Game Graphic Production Pipeline