Implementation of Extended TB-Trees Based on Direct Table for Indexing Trajectories of Moving Objects in LBS Applications

LBS 응용에서 이동 객체의 궤적 색인을 위한 직접 테이블 기반의 확장된 TB-트리의 구현

  • 신용원 (부산가톨릭대학교 병원경영학과) ;
  • 박병래 (부산가톨릭대학교 방사선학과) ;
  • 심춘보 (순천대학교 정보통신공학부)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


In this paper, we propose an extended TB-tree, called ETB-tree, which can improve the performance of an existing TB-tree proposed for indexing the trajectories of moving objects in Location-Based Service(LBS). The proposed ETB-tree directly accesses the preceding node by maintaining a direct table, called D-Table which contains the page number in disk and memory pointers pointing the leaf node with the first and last lines segment of moving objects. It can improve the insertion performance by quick searching the preceding node of a moving object and retrieval performance owing to accessing directly the corresponding trajectories In disk for the trajectory-based query. In addition, the ETB-tree provides consistency of a tree by reflecting a newly inserted line segment to the tree both in memory and disk. The experimental results show that the proposed indexing technique gains better performance than other traditional ones with respect to the insertion and retrieval of a trajectory query.


Location-Based Service;Moving Objects;Extented TB-Tree